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  • Louise Smythson Way

Stay Cosy!

Keeping warm during winter

by Bizzi at Discovery Sprouts

Getting outside during the winter months can feel HARD! Children, and us adults, are often suffering with colds and it might feel like the last thing we should be doing. But gritting your teeth and getting all those layers of clothing on the kids really is worth it as there are huge benefits to getting out and about in the winter. Forest school leader and friend of Wonder & Wild, Bizzi @discoverysprouts, gives us her top five tips for staying warm outside.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the cold that gives you a cold. It’s a virus and staying indoors, whacking the heating up and locking all those germs in with you just makes it worse. Playing outside in the cold actually has huge benefits - it boosts appetite, increases physical activity, helps your immune system, makes kids more creative, improves your mood and helps you escape those germs! So now is a great time to get outside and play - all you need to do is wrap up warm.


✨ Layers

Lots of layers to keep that core warm. Long sleeve thermal vests are ace. And always

remember a hat!

✨ Socks!

Forget about those welly liners, you need some fleecy/woollen socks over your ordinary socks even if this means wearing the next size up in wellies! I’m obsessed

with Heat Holder socks .

✨ An extra pair of gloves

One pair will get wet so always make sure you have spares.

✨ Waterproofs

There is nothing worse than being wet and cold so make sure you have good quality waterproof clothing.

✨ Hot drinks

Hot chocolate keeps those tummy’s warm. There’s always a steaming flask of hot chocolate at a Discovery Sprouts session.

My biggest piece of advice is for grown ups. Remember to wrap yourselves up too. More often than not we head back inside because we are cold whilst our child is still cozy. There’s a saying that when you see a child wearing a coat it’s 10% because they are cold and 90% because their mum is cold! So look after yourself and you’ll double the fun!

Bizzi xx

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