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  • Louise Smythson Way

Recycled Box Picture Frame

The two main values that underpin everything I do here at Wonder & Wild HQ are creativity and connection to nature. This little box frame project is a win on both counts as it makes use of your Wonder & Wild boxes once you've finished with them (hooray for recycling projects!), AND the littles can get creative with a range of materials to make something rather lovely.

If you don't have a Wonder & Wild box, you can use a piece of flat cardboard and cut a hole to make a two dimensional picture frame.

1. Open up your cardboard box and cut a rectangle out of the lid.

2. Print out a photograph to fit inside the box (either A5 or A6 size), and glue down.

3. Close the box back up and decorate the frame using scraps of paper, tissue or other

decorative bits and bobs.

4. Print out a Colourful Cut-Out sheet then cut out the images. Add some little Wonder & Wild

characters to your creation.

5. Finally, attach some wool or string to the back of the frame using sticky tape and hang up

your frame.

Wonder & Wild Colourful Cut-Out Sheet
Download PDF • 1.83MB

Happy making!

Louise xx

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