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  • Louise Smythson Way

Magic Mud!

The autumn weather is beautiful at the moment, making it the perfect time to get outside with the little ones before the cooler temperature sets in. And what better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with some mud play!

It may not be all that appealing to us adults but most kids love the opportunity to get muddy. And mud has some surprising benefits to children's health and development. I asked Forest School Leader and all round nature play superstar Bizi (@discoverysprouts) to share her top 5 reasons to embrace the mud!

✨ Mud makes you healthier. Yup that’s right. We have been living in such a sanitised world that childhood allergies and asthma have increased. Being exposed to different germs will boost their immunity.

✨ Mud is a sensory paradise. Sensory stimulation helps to develop different parts of the brain, building new neurological connections that help children take on more complex learning tasks.

✨ Playing with mud enhances fine and gross motor skills. When I see my children in the mud kitchen they use a variety of tools, utensils and skills - scissors, graters, mashers, scooping, pouring, digging. Not to mention filling up and emptying heavy watering cans.

✨ Mud is the perfect medium for nurturing early maths and science skills. Children will naturally start to explore, test, measure, predict, compare and analyse as they play and this is how the best learning happens.

If you are playing with mud, you are outside (I hope!) and that means your children are immersed in the world around them. They are likely to encounter worms, slugs and bugs; hear birdsong and feel the breeze on their faces. In short, they are connecting to nature and that’s the first step in raising our children to be our planets most fearsome protectors.

Bizi xx

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