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Get Outside!

Five Essentials For Nature Walks With Kids

by Becky and Kate at Small & Wild

As the days get colder and darker, venturing outside can seem far from appealing. But there are so many benefits to spending time in nature, especially during the winter months.

My brilliant small business buddies Kate and Becky @small_and_wild_company are on hand to help make our outdoor adventures with little ones something to be enjoyed rather than endured. Here are their 5 essentials for nature walks with kids.

✨ Spare Clothing

Many kids enjoy getting wet and muddy outside but they’ll need something warm and dry to change into.

✨ Snacks and Drinks

Pre-cut fruit and home made trail mix are perfect for keeping little legs moving and a flask of Small & Wild Tea will keep them warm and hydrated.

✨ Comfortable Shoes

Lightweight and flexible shoes are best for growing feet. Look for waterproof hiking shoes/boots designed especially for kids.

✨ Camera

Let them capture their adventures and spot things of interest when out walking then print out their photos to add to a scrap book. A pencil and paper are good for sketching and a simple wax crayon is perfect for making leaf or bark rubbings.

✨ Treasure Containers

Collect leaves, flowers, pebbles etc during your adventures and bring home to use in creative projects. Or get them more engaged with nature by taking a small magnifying glass. A jar with holes punched in the lid can also be used to collect insects.

My girls are big fans of Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea blends for kids. They are 100% natural with no caffeine or added sugar and the bags and packaging are compostable. Our favourite is their limited addition Toffee Apple Tea which smells and tastes amazing!

This list is adapted from the Small & Wild blog which has links to relevant research as well as some great product recommendations. Go and have a read!

📷 Annie Spratt via Unsplash and Small & Wild

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