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  • Louise Smythson Way

Brilliant Bats!

Make the most of all the lovely nature finds around at the moment to create these brilliant bats. Enjoy an autumn walk, collect your nature treasures and head home for a bit of cosy crafting. Perfect!

YOU WILL NEED: card, printer, pipe cleaner, hole punch, PVA glue, small nature finds such as leaves and twigs, a large stick.

1. Print out a Brilliant Bats template onto card and cut out the bat shape. Alternatively, print

on paper and cut out then use as template to draw around.

2. Use a hole punch to make two holes in the card where the bat's legs will be attached.

3. Cut a pipe cleaner in half to make two legs. Thread through the holes in the card and bend

the ends over to secure.

4. Spread some PVA glue onto your bat shape and stick on your nature finds. Leave to dry.

5. Finally, attach your bat to a stick by wrapping the ends of the pipe cleaners around.

Wonder & Wild Brilliant Bats Activity Sheet
Download AI • 1.54MB

Happy making!

Louise xx

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