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  • Louise Smythson Way

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is the perfect time of year to get outside with the kids and enjoy the magic of nature as the leaves create a rainbow of colours. Once you're back home, use this little oak leaf sheet to further explore the shades of autumn.

Print out the sheet and lay out on a table with a selection of colouring materials. Step back and watch what the littles come up with. Or, you could join in too and make a whole array of leaf buddies! Once decorated, you can cut out your leaves and hole punch to string up as bunting.

Felt tips or colouring pencils work just fine but you might like to explore the following processes:

  • Draw with washable felt tips and then use a paint brush to add water

  • Colour with oil pastels and then smudge using baby oil on a cotton bud

  • Use oil pastels or wax crayons and then wash over with watercolour paints

Wonder & Wild Oak Leaf Activity Sheet
Download PDF • 526KB

Happy making!

Louise xx

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